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Originally published in 1982 and now in it's 5th edition!

Performance Management: Changing Behavior that Drives Organizational Effectiveness is the definitive desktop text for supporting the business community in understanding the science of behavior and its application in the workplace.

An ideal desk reference for business:

  • Clear and concise introduction to the science of behavior

  • Introduction to the PIC/NIC Analysis® —a tool for recognizing the observable effects of positive and negative reinforcement, and punishment and penalty in the work environment

  • Guide for evaluating performance change, finding and creating reinforcers and delivering reinforcers effectively

  • Newly added chapter on Behavior-Based Safety

  • Latest research in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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Performance Management 5th edition

An Ideal Desk Reference for Business


Organized into three clear sections, Theory, Application and Implementation, this book offers an easy to use format that quickly directs you to the information that will benefit you most.  With a complete and robust index, you can search and find quickly the topics and content to help you manage behavior and workplace situations as they arise.